The Importance of Fire Alarm Inspections

Your fire alarm system is key to your safety preparation. Everything we do to prevent fires (and other disasters) rests on one unavoidable truth: No system is perfect; bad stuff still happens. When it does, you need that alarm working! The Worst-Case ScenariosWhat could happen if your alarm system fails?False Alarm: Think about it: A real fire/disaster means you need to clear your building. You lose revenue but you save lives. A false alarm means you cleared the building for nothingRead More

Everything You Need to Know About Flexible Fire Sprinklers

What are Flex Heads? Why Should I be Using Them?

Flexible fire sprinkler connections, known in the trade as "flex heads", are sprinkler system components. The two- to three-piece set connects a fire main to a sprinkler head as quickly and easily as you connect your garden hose to your lawn sprinkler. Of course, you wouldn't DIY this job, you'd trust Integrity Fire Safety Services to do all your installs, just like we'd trust you to do what you do best — experience shows! 

Flex Head Benefits

The traditional hard pipes have centuries of history,
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Everything You Need to Know About Fire Protection Contracts

Fire Protection Contracts

Unlike many fire protection providers, Integrity Fire Safety Services doesn't do contracts like other service providers. We offer a full range of services to our clients, but we do it right. We're confident that we will win your business year over year based on the level of service we provide, and, so far, we've been right. 

Contract Limitations

Almost all service contracts in the fire protection industry can be terminated with nothing more than a 30-day notice. Meaning that, like a high school boyfriend or girlfriend, y
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The Truths and Challenges of Antifreeze Loops and Systems

If your building has an area that regularly gets below freeze point (32 degrees Fahrenheit/0 degrees Celsius), a water-filled sprinkler system can't always keep you safe because these wet systems are susceptible to freezing, causing damages to the sprinkler piping. Taking a cue from car manufacturers, antifreeze systems were developed using propylene glycol or glycerin to drop the system’s freeze point to below what Mother Nature can inflict. Upside/DownsideAntifreeze systems for cold-weather wet fire suppression systems were developed because wet suppression systems are simpler to install and maintain than dry valve systems. If some part of your facility is prone to freezing, Integrity Fire Sa
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