Customer Training Part One: Cleaning Your Smoke Detector

How well do you know your smoke detectors? Chances are you don’t spend much time thinking about them when they’re not going off, and that’s pretty normal. But did you know that dust or particles can sometimes get trapped in smoke detectors, causing them to malfunction? It’s true- by properly cleaning your smoke detectors as needed, you can not only extend their lives, but also have a little extra insurance against any malfunctions or defects that could cause them not to work in the event of an emergency. If you prefer to call in the pros for a smoke detector cleaning session, Integrity Fire Safety Services is happy to help! After all, it’s natural to f
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Common Trade Misunderstandings Part 1: Fire Sprinkler Installation

In order to keep your building in compliance with Colorado fire safety regulations, it is required for you to have a fire sprinkler system installation done by a certified professional. Your sprinkler contractor and all fitters who assist as apprentices with the installation of your fire sprinkler system must be registered with the state in order to meet compliance requirements. This can sometimes be overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, by business owners who want to get their building up to code quickly and fail to do their due diligence when hiring contractors to install the fire sprinkler system. However, making sure that your contractor and all related sprinkler system fitters are registered by the state of Colorado is a crucial step in i
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Fire Safety Fun Facts Part One: Movie Myths

We’ve all seen it in the movies: a wisecracking kid, bank robber, or other character up to no good pulls the fire alarm to trigger the sprinkler system, causing enough confusion and mayhem to allow them to escape a sticky situation. This scene has played itself out in countless movies for decades, so that must be exactly how fire sprinkler systems work, right? Wrong! According to our resident fire sprinkler installation experts, sprinkler systems almost never get triggered by the mere pull of the alarm station on the wall. Aside from a few highly-specialized systems, the sprinkler heads are not programmed to turn on when the alarm sounds, making this convenient plot device nothing more than a Hollywood farce. If y
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