Everything You Need to Know About Flexible Fire Sprinklers

What are Flex Heads? Why Should I be Using Them?

Flexible fire sprinkler connections, known in the trade as "flex heads", are sprinkler system components. The two- to three-piece set connects a fire main to a sprinkler head as quickly and easily as you connect your garden hose to your lawn sprinkler. Of course, you wouldn't DIY this job, you'd trust Integrity Fire Safety Services to do all your installs, just like we'd trust you to do what you do best — experience shows! 

Flex Head Benefits

The traditional hard pipes have centuries of history,
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The Problem with Frozen Sprinklers

This should be obvious, but it happens so infrequently that it can be off of most business owners' or property managers’ radar. When the weather people predict an Arctic Express is going to roll through, wet fire sprinkler pipes that are left in unheated areas or dry fire sprinkler pipes that have water condensation in them can freeze or break! This causes our local fire departments to be dispatched to dozens or hundreds of locations, which in turn slows their response time to real fire emergencies. Freeze break repairs also typically come with major repair costs because once one small area is affected, it spreads to other areas, often causing multiple sections of sprinkler mains or branch lines needing replaced. Not to mention that sometimes the only meth
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Fire Safety Fun Facts Part Two – More Movie Myths

We’re back with another round of movie myths involving sprinkler systems that make absolutely no real world sense. Who knew that fire sprinkler systems featured so prominently (and inaccurately) in Hollywood movies? Apparently, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has known for quite some time about the gross misrepresentation of fire sprinkler systems and how they work. The HFSC has been tirelessly working to put some of these sprinkler myths to rest once and for all, in order to ensure that people in real life do not use fire safety sprinkler systems for comedic purposes, to further a nefarious plot, or to thwart a heist. In fact, the coalition is so dedicated to the cause of dispelling sprinkler-related movie myths that they have released Read More

Customer Training Part Two: The Fundamentals of Drum Drip Maintenance

Just between us, are you up on your drip drum maintenance schedule? If not, it’s not too late to get on a set schedule for preventive maintenance, so you can avoid catastrophic system failure in the event of freezing. Just follow our tips and you’ll be drip drum maintenance expert in no time! Or if you’d prefer a quick training session from one of our certified sprinkler experts, give us a shout and we’ll set up a training time for your team! First things first- what the heck is a drip drum? Before learning how to properly maintain your building’s drip drum, it’s probably a good idea to know what they are, where they are located, and what they do. Your dry sprinkler system contains a
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