Tales from the Field – Continued!

From Chuck Stewart, one of Integrity's most senior fire alarm technicians: "I've been in this industry for several years and one of the odd challenges we come up against every now and then is 'the chirp'. When a building's tenant reports that annoying chirp you usually hear from smoke detectors, we have to hunt those crickets down. On one occasion, we made several visits to a location where we never actually heard the sound that a tenant was reporting. Even after completely swapping all the smoke detectors for new units, the client still complained. Finally, we got lucky and caught the cricket – unfortunately, we found the sound was coming from a carbon monoxide detector that was plugged into an outlet and was not easily visible either. Lesson learned and
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Fire Safety Fun Facts Part Two – More Movie Myths

We’re back with another round of movie myths involving sprinkler systems that make absolutely no real world sense. Who knew that fire sprinkler systems featured so prominently (and inaccurately) in Hollywood movies? Apparently, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has known for quite some time about the gross misrepresentation of fire sprinkler systems and how they work. The HFSC has been tirelessly working to put some of these sprinkler myths to rest once and for all, in order to ensure that people in real life do not use fire safety sprinkler systems for comedic purposes, to further a nefarious plot, or to thwart a heist. In fact, the coalition is so dedicated to the cause of dispelling sprinkler-related movie myths that they have released Read More

Common Trade Misunderstandings Part Two: Missed Code Requirements

Pop quiz- how often are you supposed to be conducting fire safety inspections for your commercial building? If you answered once a year, you are absolutely...WRONG! Try again. Once every six months? Getting warmer, but still no. While some management companies choose to only have everything tested by a certified professional annually and/or semi-annually, it may surprise you to know that the NFPA has several items in their code books that state they should be checked by the building owner’s representative weekly, monthly, and quarterly! If you had no idea, don’t panic- you’re not alone. Missed code requirements are one of the most common trade misunderstandings in the fire safety realm, and are often overlooked unintentionally by commercial building ow
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Common Trade Misunderstandings Part 1: Fire Sprinkler Installation

In order to keep your building in compliance with Colorado fire safety regulations, it is required for you to have a fire sprinkler system installation done by a certified professional. Your sprinkler contractor and all fitters who assist as apprentices with the installation of your fire sprinkler system must be registered with the state in order to meet compliance requirements. This can sometimes be overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, by business owners who want to get their building up to code quickly and fail to do their due diligence when hiring contractors to install the fire sprinkler system. However, making sure that your contractor and all related sprinkler system fitters are registered by the state of Colorado is a crucial step in i
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