Common Trade Misunderstandings Part 1: Fire Sprinkler Installation

In order to keep your building in compliance with Colorado fire safety regulations, it is required for you to have a fire sprinkler system installation done by a certified professional. Your sprinkler contractor and all fitters who assist as apprentices with the installation of your fire sprinkler system must be registered with the state in order to meet compliance requirements. This can sometimes be overlooked, either intentionally or unintentionally, by business owners who want to get their building up to code quickly and fail to do their due diligence when hiring contractors to install the fire sprinkler system. However, making sure that your contractor and all related sprinkler system fitters are registered by the state of Colorado is a crucial step in installing your sprinkler system that must not be ignored.


Integrity Fire Safety Services offers top-quality fire sprinkler installation services by certified, experienced contractors. Each of our fitters is registered by the State of Colorado to legally perform fire sprinkler installation in accordance with the code. By choosing Integrity Fire Safety Services, you can eliminate the guesswork, research and blind faith that you may have to rely on when hiring other sprinkler installation contractors. We can proudly vouch for each of our employees, and can help you quickly and efficiently fill your building’s need for an up-to-date system installed by trained, licensed and registered professionals. When it comes to integrity, our name says it all!


Integrity Fire Safety Services operates within a 70-mile radius of Denver, and prides itself on providing clients with high-quality service that is as reliable as it is efficient. We understand that you are on a schedule when it comes to updating your building’s fire sprinkler system, and we do our best to make sure our expert contractors and fitters complete the installation within the time frame you need. Additionally, we go out of our way to ensure the utmost quality in all our installations, so you can rest assured that your sprinkler system will function just as it should in the event of a fire emergency.


For trustworthy service that is in compliance with Colorado fire safety regulations, Integrity Fire Safety Services is here to help with your commercial fire sprinkler system installation. We are committed to unmatched excellence with each installation we perform, and stand behind our work 100 percent. Call 303-557-1820 today to speak with a representative about contracting with our team of registered professionals for your commercial fire sprinkler installation project.