Common Trade Misunderstandings Part Two: Missed Code Requirements

Pop quiz- how often are you supposed to be conducting fire safety inspections for your commercial building? If you answered once a year, you are absolutely…WRONG! Try again. Once every six months? Getting warmer, but still no. While some management companies choose to only have everything tested by a certified professional annually and/or semi-annually, it may surprise you to know that the NFPA has several items in their code books that state they should be checked by the building owner’s representative weekly, monthly, and quarterly! If you had no idea, don’t panic- you’re not alone. Missed code requirements are one of the most common trade misunderstandings in the fire safety realm, and are often overlooked unintentionally by commercial building owners and managers who simply had no idea of the frequency with which some of the checks ought to be performed. These missed code requirements can lead to serious issues that compromise the safety of the people who work inside the building each day. It’s not too late to reform- here’s how you can get on top of your code requirements and become a fire safety inspection rockstar!


Make a Checklist

As a busy owner or manager of a commercial building, the odds are good that you don’t have the necessary amount of time to read the NFPA code book cover to cover and memorize all the due dates for different types of fire safety checks. By creating a simple, easy-to-read checklist detailing which items need to be checked weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, you can stay on top of the high-priority checks without letting anything slip through the cracks. Using a color-coding system is a good idea, as it enables you and your staff to see at a glance whether any important checks are coming up, and plan accordingly.


Set Reminders

Why stress over remembering important deadline dates when we have all this technology to help us out? By setting calendar reminders on your computer or mobile device, you can stay in the know about any fire safety inspections that are coming due, so you’re always in accordance with code requirements.


Get Professional Help

You’ve already got a lot on your plate- let the pros help you meet those code requirements every time with a fire safety inspection schedule. Allow us to either help in training you on what needs done, or allow us to come in on the specified dates to check these necessary items and give your building a clean bill of health until the next inspection date comes along. This way, you don’t have to worry that you’re missing a required check- you can have peace of mind that the experts are handling it!


Integrity Fire Safety Services wants to help you meet all the code requirements your building(s)! We offer fire safety inspections throughout Denver and Colorado at the prescribed intervals as detailed in the NFPA code book, and can help you stay on track and keep your building up to code at all times. Call us today at 303-557-1820 to schedule service with our trained, professional fire safety experts. You don’t have to go it alone- contact Integrity Fire Safety Services today!