Everything You Need to Know About Fire Protection Contracts

Fire Protection Contracts

Unlike many fire protection providers, Integrity Fire Safety Services doesn’t do contracts like other service providers. We offer a full range of services to our clients, but we do it right. We’re confident that we will win your business year over year based on the level of service we provide, and, so far, we’ve been right.


Contract Limitations

Almost all service contracts in the fire protection industry can be terminated with nothing more than a 30-day notice. Meaning that, like a high school boyfriend or girlfriend, you can get dumped. Many customers get unhappy surprises when they learn that their “contract” with their protection company really does nothing beyond set prices for the annual tests and inspections the Fire Marshall demands. Many contracts don’t require you to use your contractor for deficiency repairs, capital projects or even routine service calls. What’s the point of even having one?


Free, No Obligation Contract Review

Let Integrity take a look at your current service contract. Our experts will comb through it for you and let you know what it does and does not include, what it limits you to and what getting out of it would entail. This free service isn’t about seeing our competitors’ pricing. You don’t’ even have to show us their pricing; we’re as confident that our charges are highly competitive as we are that our services will be of equal (or higher) quality.


Making Transition Painless

Yes, changing any service provider, from the janitor to the caterer, is a hassle, but Integrity has lots of experience taking over from lesser companies, and we have several tools to help with your transition to our family of clients. We’ll take every burden off your plate that we can.

It is, after all, about you, the potential customer. You shouldn’t feel you have to keep receiving low-grade service simply because of the perceived hassle of change. If you signed a mediocre deal, you should get out of it. If your business is located in the Greater Denver area, Integrity Fire Safety Services is the company that will earn your trust every single time we deal with you. Professional, knowledgeable, fast and careful, the Integrity team will get in, take care of our business and get out of your hair so you can get back to your business.

Contact us for all the inspection, consulting, installation, testing and maintenance needs of your fire protection systems. If sleeping on the job was a possibility, you’d be sleeping peacefully while we’re on the job.