Everything You Need to Know About Flexible Fire Sprinklers

What are Flex Heads? Why Should I be Using Them?

Flexible fire sprinkler connections, known in the trade as “flex heads”, are sprinkler system components. The two- to three-piece set connects a fire main to a sprinkler head as quickly and easily as you connect your garden hose to your lawn sprinkler. Of course, you wouldn’t DIY this job, you’d trust Integrity Fire Safety Services to do all your installs, just like we’d trust you to do what you do best — experience shows!


Flex Head Benefits

The traditional hard pipes have centuries of history, and they do the job when they have to, but this modern technology offers several impressive advantages, both operational and financial:

  • They install quickly and have fewer joints — each of which is a potential failure point.
  • They’re easier — reduced manpower means reduced labor costs.
  • They ‘re faster — any competent installer can complete four flex head connections in the time it takes to do one traditional pipe link-up.
  • They’re fully flexible — you can place them just about anywhere and, should your needs change, we can relocate or reconfigure your sprinklers without draining and dissembling the whole system.
  • They’re more reliable — their flexibility reduces the wear and tear of normal usage, making for fewer service calls, which mean fewer service charges.
  • They’re uniform — present the perfect center-of-tile and aesthetic quality to your business space.
  • They come premade in a variety of lengths from 2-foot to 6-foot to meet almost any design criteria.
  • Nobody wants to be bending pipes around ducts, lights and other above-ceiling obstacles and getting all that extra equipment and tools in the way of you and your employees conducting the business of the day.


Happy People

No joke, flex heads make people happy. Architects, engineers, contractors and building owners get a degree of versatility that hard pipes simply cannot deliver. Flex heads are 100-percent leak-tested connections. Their all-welded, no O-ring design and construction is an FM-approved and UL-listed system that’s been around long enough to prove their worth. Much like the professionals of Integrity Fire Safety Services, who’ve proven their skill and efficiency all over central Colorado.

We offer a complete range of comprehensive safety solutions that keep your office, retail store, warehouse, clubhouse, henhouse or multi-family residential house up to code. We’ve got flex-heads and everything else you’ll need to meet all NFPA and local fire safety compliance regulations and to provide your employees or residents “invisible” peace of mind — you’ll be so confident of your safety, you’ll forget we’re even there.