Performing Fire Alarm System Installations & Retrofits

Fire Alarm System Installations & Retrofits

When it comes to performing fire alarm system installations or retrofitting a fire alarm system, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience, tailored to the specific needs of your fire alarm system to keep things safe and compliant in six steps.


Initial Assessment:

  • We start by assessing your project requirements and identify areas that need fire alarm installation or retrofitting. 
  • Evaluate the existing fire alarm system’s condition, functionality, and compliance with relevant fire safety codes and regulations, such as NFPA 72.
  • We also analyze the building layout, identifying potential fire hazards and determining optimal locations for fire alarm devices.


Design and Planning:

  • Develop a customized fire alarm system design that aligns with your specific needs and adheres to local codes.
  • Integrate the fire alarm system seamlessly with other building systems if necessary, ensuring efficient collaboration.


Equipment Procurement:

  • Source high-quality fire alarm devices, control panels, wiring, and components from our trusted suppliers that meet industry standards.


Fire Alarm System Installations:

  • Acquire the required permits, schedule appropriate downtime, and maintain a safe working environment to minimize interruptions to your building.
  • Expertly install fire alarm devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, and control panels.
  • Carefully route and secure fire-rated wiring to minimize potential damage and ensure reliable connections.
  • Implement backup power solutions to ensure uninterrupted operation during power outages and establish network connectivity for fire alarm systems if applicable.


Programming and Testing:

  • Configure the control panels with precise settings, including alarm thresholds and communication protocols.
  • Test each fire alarm device to guarantee optimal performance and sensitivity, including integration testing if the fire alarm system is interconnected with other building systems.
  • Provide comprehensive user training on system operation, maintenance, and emergency response protocols.


Final Inspections and Compliance:

  • Schedule regulatory inspections to obtain the necessary certifications and permits, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • Maintain detailed documentation, including equipment manuals, test records, inspection reports, and permits.


Integrity Fire sets itself apart through its commitment to excellence, ensuring the reliable and effective operation of fire alarm systems. With our optimized process and attention to detail, we deliver exceptional results in fire alarm installation and retrofit projects. We are just a phone call away to discuss your specific requirements and experience the professionalism and expertise of Integrity Fire. Reach out to get started!