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Integral to Your Safety

Question: If a fire hits your commercial facility, what’s the worst-case scenario?

A total loss of the building? The bankruptcy of the business? Thousands or millions of dollars in lost inventory? Criminal consequences, including jail time? Civil lawsuits for negligence, property damage, injury or death to employees or customers?

Answer: All of the above!


Chances are slim that you’d get hit with everything bad that could happen, but you’ll get hit and even small incidents can get so out of hand that you might never fully recover. When you build and/or manage property, you take on a responsibility to ensure your structure is safe. Given the lawsuit-addicted culture we live, the old proverb, “A measured paranoia is a vital survival skill” becomes more relevant every day.

How Can Integrity Fire Safety Services Serve You?


“What do I need to keep my facility safe?” is a great question.

There’s absolutely no reason you should know the answer. You have a business to run, and you need to know your business backward and forward to be successful. You shouldn’t have to understand the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards as well as state, county and/or city regulations.

When you need to solve a fire safety issue, we can provide every kind of consulting you need, including personalized training. We’ve seen it all, we know what works and we can work with your architects and engineers to design a code-compliant fire sprinkler and/or alarm system for your commercial, industrial, residential or retail location.


Fitting out a new retail location for your thriving business? Building a high-rise office building or industrial facility? What will it cost?

Our technicians have completed thousands of installations. Small or large; new or upgrade; construction or renovation; alarms or sprinklers or both — do nothing until you’ve called us for a free project estimate. We’ll give you our best recommendations and we’ll always be conscious of your budget.

Testing and Inspection

Code requires testing and inspection of all fire-safety systems at varying intervals; without them, your business could be shut down. We provide thorough testing and inspection services that reassure you your building fully complies. When we inspect your facility, you’ll receive a digital report when we email a complete inspection report with testing deficiency and repair estimates within one day. Web-based, interactive proposals make your service agreement a real partnership.


If you ever have an emergency, we’ll be there in less than 2 hours — guaranteed! Our emergency services are on call 24/7. You can’t watch your building every moment, so let us do it. We provide comprehensive monitoring services to give you the support you need when you can’t be there.

Let’s Review: Why Choose Us?

  1. 2-hour emergency response — guaranteed!
  2. Employee/partner owned with over 400 years of combined expertise.
  3. Customized client experience; transparent pricing & communication and same-day invoicing.
  4. Convenient customer support including same-day inspection reports and interactive electronic proposals.
  5. Fully trained technicians who’ll show you your system needs with pictures.
  6. The latest technical innovations to solve your problem.

Integrity Means More

Everybody knows that integrity means honest and ethical, and we’ve built that reputation for quality work based on a collective 400 man-years of industry experience. Integrity also means “sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition”. No one can guarantee absolute safety under every condition, but we’ll put our record up against anybody in our industry. When you choose Integrity Fire Safety Services, you choose a hands-on, dependable partner. Contact us now and see what we can do for you.