Making the Annual System Tests Easier on Everybody

Annual testing is a necessary evil; never convenient but vital to keeping your fire safety equipment operating right and protecting lives and property. Integrity Fire Safety Services knows everybody has something more interesting or more entertaining to do, so we’re committed to making these tests as minimally invasive as possible.


Prepare for Your Safety Test

Integrity Fire always schedules tests and inspections 1-2 weeks out minimum to give you enough time to plan. Preparing the management team, employees and building occupants makes the whole process move faster with less disruption. Essentially, the same rules apply to all commercial locations, be they apartments, hotels, condos, manufacturing, warehousing or retailer locations: The more they know, the smoother the flow.


Inform Your Occupants

Advance notification is much easier these days, thanks to electronic communication. You can, and should, paste notices in strategic places in your building — entries, stairwells, break rooms, laundry or locker rooms — wherever people pass or congregate. You can also post the schedule on your website and social media pages and email or text your people, advising them when we will be testing and what to expect. People understand this must be done, alerting them that Integrity will be on site means no surprises which means no tenant complaints aimed at you.


Scheduling the Tests

Testing, like everything else, is governed by your local fire safety code. We know the code in every city/county in the Denver area, so you don’t have to. We’ll come in ready to test exactly what must be tested, annually or semi-annually and we can make those tests happen whenever is most convenient to you. Hotels typically clean rooms and prep for new guests between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, while most commercial offices run 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Scheduling tests during times of minimal occupancy or before business opens makes life easier on everyone. Some of the tests we may need to perform include:


Domestic Backflow Testing

Backflow preventers prevent water from returning to the city water supply, keeping our potable drinking water as clean as possible. We test all types of backflows from irrigation to fire system to domestic devices, but domestic devices are the only ones that can greatly impact building occupants as it shuts down the supply to sinks, toilets, and showers. Luckily and barring any extraordinary circumstances, we typically only need to have any domestic devices shut off for up to 10 minutes. And as we mentioned above, it will be scheduled in the most convenient time slot for you and your building occupants depending on the occupation level.


Horn/Strobe Testing

No doubt about it, horn/strobe testing is inconvenient, particularly if you’re not expecting it (and still is even if you are to an extent). These tests can take anywhere from a few minutes or even a full hour, depending on the size of the building. For some locations, we can schedule in conjunction with a fire drill, so your people know what the alerts look and sound like, how to exit the building in an emergency and where to assemble for the safety check. We know nobody likes horn/strobe testing which again is why we will schedule in the most appropriate time slot. And while it’s an inconvenience, your horn/strobes are absolutely the best way for your tenants to be alerted that there’s an emergency and to get to safety.


Secured Tenant Spaces

Secured tenant spaces are a delicate subject; almost every business has places they don’t want outsiders to visit. Despite the fact that we’re efficient, professional and polite, your customers always feel more comfortable when they see someone from your team tagging along. It’s not just the courtesy of introducing us to them, it sends a clear message: You are in control of what’s going on. You know who is wandering around your building. You don’t let strangers bother your customers. We understand that you have other work to do, but our experience is clear — when your people are present while we test, we get the access we need, tenants don’t worry as much, testing goes faster and more efficiently, and everybody is happier.


Give a call to Integrity Fire Safety Services, the Denver area fire safety experts. We’ll schedule a complete safety and fire alarm inspection. You’ll be glad you did.