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Integrity Fire Safety Services offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions to help you stay up to code and meet NFPA and local fire safety compliance regulations. We specialize in commercial, industrial, retail, or multi-family residential buildings. Call us today and let us help you ensure the safety of your Denver-area building.

Integrity Fire Safety Services offers 24/7 emergency service with a 2-hour emergency response guarantee. Our service team has one goal: To provide the best service in the business with full customer satisfaction.
We love our work, and isn’t that what you want as a customer? When you’re in trouble, you want skilled technicians who are happy to be helping you out of your jam, not annoyed they’ve been called out after hours. We aren’t just co-workers, we’re friends. When a team member makes a mistake – and we all do – we harass them unmercifully (with tongues firmly in cheeks) while we all pitch in to help them correct it. And we always learn from our mistakes.
We live for feedback like “I just called you!” when we arrive or “Damn, that was quick!” when we’re done. We are that good. No false modesty, Integrity provides us all the training we need to get you the perfect solution in full compliance with the latest federal and local regulations.
Our quick response service and same-day invoicing will make your emergency experience as easy on you as humanly possible.

Our Fire Safety Services

Testing and Inspection

We provide thorough testing and inspection services to ensure that your building’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems are fully functional at all times. Not only is it mandatory to conduct tests and inspections of your fire safety equipment at regular intervals, but regular service will give you the reassurance that your building is well-protected in the event of a fire with regular fire system maintenance and inspection.



We offer 24-hour emergency service with a 2-hour emergency response guarantee. We also provide comprehensive monitoring services to give you the help and support you need when you need it most! Integrity Fire Safety Services makes sure that you will receive the best in customer service at all times with our knowledgeable senior service technicians, friendly staff, repair pictures, and same-day invoicing making your experience as easy as possible.



From small tenant improvement projects to high-rise retrofits, our team will handle installations of any scope and size! Call us today to schedule a free estimate for your fire safety system installation or construction project.



Need help designing a plan of attack for a particularly tricky issue or project related to your building’s fire safety system? We offer expert consulting services, individualized customer training, and a vast knowledge base of the industry to help you determine the best options for your commercial, retail, or industrial fire sprinkler and alarm system. With over 200 years of combined experience, we’ve seen it all and can help you tackle even the most complex strategic issues.


Integrity Fire Safety Services lives up to its name, providing clients with top-quality fire system maintenance, installation, testing, service, and repair. We understand that experience matters when it comes to giving clients the assurance and protection they need, and we strive to exceed client expectations with every job we do. We are committed to keeping your commercial or industrial building properly safeguarded against fire while remaining in compliance with all fire safety regulations.