Test & Inspect Service Guide

Below are the most common services we provide as well as a brief description of what you can expect with each service.

For any questions on services not mentioned here, please contact our inspections department.

Fire Alarm Annual Inspection

This inspection is comprised of a full range of testing automatic and manual fire alarm devices included in your building. This service provides a complete and comprehensive survey of the functionality of your system.

Fire Alarm Semi Annual Inspection

This inspection includes a partial range of testing automatic and manual fire alarm devices included in your building. Includes verifying flow switch and tamper signals as well as power supply battery testing.

Fire Sprinkler Annual Inspection

This inspection a visual inspection of all accessible sprinkler heads, valves, piping and hangars throughout your property. We also gather main drain results when doing this inspection. This can help to identify any potential life safety issues from minor to major and get them addressed before a problem arises.

Backflow Preventor Annual Inspection

This inspection verifies the installed backflow preventor is functioning as intended.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Annual Inspection

This inspection is a visual inspection of all components of a fire extinguisher unit. We look for previous service dates, gauge pressure, condition of body/damage, obstructions, and weight. We verify if the unit is in need of service.

Sprinkler Dry Valve Annual Inspection

This inspection involves activating all dry valves that may be included in your sprinkler system to check functionality. These valves are mainly used for areas where sprinkler heads are susceptible to freezing (i.e. Parking garages, attics, etc..) Dry valves require a partial trip every year as well as a full trip every 3 years.

Sprinkler Fire Pump Annual Inspection

In most cases buildings with 6 floors or more will have a fire pump. This inspection involves running your fire pump to verify functionality and integrity. We hook up fire hoses outside your building to your FDC connections and flow water at various stages of controlled pressure to measure performance. Other inspections include the monitoring and taking readings from your fire pump controller, gauges, and fire pump overall functionality.

Sprinkler Freeze Protection Chemical Annual Inspection

This inspection involves taking samples of your antifreeze chemicals contained in any system you have that is susceptible to freezing. Chemicals will either be Glycol or Glycerin based. Regular annual testing of the mixture ensures that you will not end up with a costly freeze break on the coldest days of the year. This inspection is generally non disruptive or invasive to tenants.

Kitchen Hood Annual/Semi Annual Inspection

This inspection involves testing overall functionality of any kitchen suppression equipment you may have onsite. We test all required functions in the event of a kitchen fire. This includes verification that gas tanks/cylinders are up to date, manual release functionality, gas and electric shunt operation, linkage condition and date, nozzle placement and required components for proper application, and portable extinguisher requirements.


Nothing matters more than the safety of those who occupy your building, which is why we take our role in providing reliable fire alarm services very seriously here at Integrity Fire. When you choose us as your trusted provider, you can count on our teams’ expertise in ensuring compliance with regulations while also delivering exceptional service each time we visit your site. Take charge of your safety today by scheduling a fire alarm service call and let us do our part to help you protect your occupants and maintain a secure environment.