Making the Annual System Tests Easier on Everybody

Annual testing is a necessary evil; never convenient but vital to keeping your fire safety equipment operating right and protecting lives and property. Integrity Fire Safety Services knows everybody has something more interesting or more entertaining to do, so we’re committed to making these tests as minimally invasive as possible. Prepare for Your Safety TestIntegrity Fire always schedules tests and inspections 1-2 weeks out minimum to give you enough time to plan. Preparing the management team, employees and building occupants makes the whole process move faster with less disruption. Essentially, the same rules apply to all commercial locations, be they apartments, hotels, condos, manufacturi
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Common Trade Misunderstandings Part Three: Jurisdictional Differences

Aside from the peace of mind knowing your fire protection system is fully functional, few property or facility managers really enjoy their annual fire inspections because they can seem like a nuisance to your team or your building occupants. But they’re required to keep life, property, and your business safe. These inspections are designed to find issues with any fire protection components, eliminate hazards, and to provide a track record of testing reports to monitor how each of your fire protection systems or accessories are operating. Codes to govern these systems (including safety training, system testing, component inspections) stem from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the IFC (In
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The Problem with Frozen Sprinklers

This should be obvious, but it happens so infrequently that it can be off of most business owners' or property managers’ radar. When the weather people predict an Arctic Express is going to roll through, wet fire sprinkler pipes that are left in unheated areas or dry fire sprinkler pipes that have water condensation in them can freeze or break! This causes our local fire departments to be dispatched to dozens or hundreds of locations, which in turn slows their response time to real fire emergencies. Freeze break repairs also typically come with major repair costs because once one small area is affected, it spreads to other areas, often causing multiple sections of sprinkler mains or branch lines needing replaced. Not to mention that sometimes the only meth
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The Difference Between Annual and Semi-Annual Fire Alarm Inspection

ScopeAccording to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), all parts of your fire protection system must be inspected annually (fire alarm, sprinkler, backflows, extinguishers, etc), but the fire alarm system also requires a semi-annual check-up. The annual alarm testing goes very in-depth requiring a complete 100% functional test, including (but not limited to):
  • All audio/visual notification devices (aka horn/strobes)
  • All initiating devices on the fire alarm
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